There are many choices of shipping solutions out there. Read and discover how to find the best ecommerce shipping software for your online business!

If you run an ecommerce business you probably know that shipping can get complicated and messy really quickly, especially if you sell online by using multiple channels. However, there is something you can do to ease up all of your everyday troubles. You can use ecommerce shipping software solutions and simplify your shipping troubles. The shipping software exists to pull your orders into one place, where everything can be processed, calculated, fulfilled, and have automatically shipping labels printed.

As you probably know, there are many choices of shipping solutions out there, and choosing the right one is simply not an easy decision.

Here are some of the most important features that only the best ecommerce shipping software systems can offer you:

  • Accounting – Write order information from shipping solution directly into your accounting software to create financial transactions, The order information syncs with accounting solution from ecommerce shipping solution. The usual information included are customer name, email, address product line items, order number, order date, order total, date paid, and shipping cost.
  • Online selling platform – The shipping software should offer you a seamless order download with all data relevant to shipping such as order status, order details, item weight, item description, customer notes, requested shipping service and etc. Also, it should offer you a real-time order status updates and shipping tracking information.
  • Inventory – You should be able to automatically read, understand, and download the orders from your inventory solution to your shipping solution. There should be a map order status from the inventory to appropriate status and what is even more important – there should be status updates, as well as, shipment tracking numbers in real time.
  • Point of Service – The ecommerce shipping solutions allow CSV or Comma Separated Value file upload of Point of Sale orders that need shipping. The leading shipping software solutions usually integrate with leading Point of Sale systems.
  • Order management – All new items that are part of the order are populated automatically to the product catalog, there are a real-time order status updates, as well as, tracking info back to the order management system.

If you find a software system that can provide you with all these features, don’t think twice and choose that system right away.